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Cameron, Stevie details
Contains biographical information and description of book "The Last Amigo".
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Drohan, Madelaine details
Many recent articles, mostly from the Globe & Mail newspaper, in PDF form, description of book " Making a Killing", biographical information.
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Janet Murray details
Freelance journalist's specialist areas include education and training, family health and parenting. Includes client list and examples of work.
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Mannion , Shannon Lee details
Automotive Journalist. Site includes articles, pictures, biographical and contact information.
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National Review Online details
Columns by William F. Buckley Jr., Rich Lowry, Jonah Goldberg, Kate O'Beirne, Ben Domenech, Ponnuru, O'Sullivan, George and more.
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Sanchez, Jana details
Former Reuters journalist who now helps Dutch companies communicate with journalists, investors and consumers.
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The Humor Writer details
Family life, marriage and middle age - nothing's sacred. Humor columns and a funny on-going story called "The Perils of Eileen".
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